Topographia Collective

Are proposing a show for the gallery at Calit2 in SanDiego. This page presents some of the work that will be included.


Topographia Collective-

We recently explored an off the grid artist's residency site near Taos, New Mexico using an Extra Low Frequency Radio receiver, dowsing rods, video cameras mounted on walking bodies, and our interactions with a host of "off the grid" neighbors human and animal.

In addition to offering our assistance with building and dowsing for water, ELF sounds were recorded and the land was mapped using a perspective shifting and distorting video recording method.



Steve Lambert -

22in x 14in
Letterpress on card

Beautifully printed by James Lang at Horwinski Printing using lead and wood type on a letterpress built in 1885 that is as large as a mid-size car.

The text in this poster comes from a talk I gave at Berlin’s Transmediale Festival on Utopia in the Spring of 2010.

You, personally, determine the price of the print.

I made a large print run because I want you to have one. The idea of creating a traditional art object “limited edition” and manufactured scarcity is contradictory to the ideals I’m working towards. So I decided with this piece I can make an “unlimited edition.” That means, as long as I am able, these prints will be available to anyone who would like one.

For me to fix the cost of a print about Utopia is absurd. I ask you to pay what you think it’s worth to you, given the resources you have. I want you to have this, I want you to feel the price you paid is fair, and I trust you to determine that. This way the prints can fit in everyone’s budget.



Scott Anderson -

The creation of myth, the imagining of places never encountered, and the building of utopias all demand a memory of what is already known and familiar. My work depicts space, objects, and narratives we all know but have yet to discover. More specifically, I'm interested in visualizing aftermath - after sleep, after death, and after "the fall."



Chad Person -

RECESS began 2 years ago when I made my home in the southwest United States. Like much of the West, our reliance on the continuous import of vital resources (food, water, medical supplies) is unsustainable and untenable. Crisis preparedness is vital, and RECESS is my answer. It is a re-model, an insurance policy, an experiment, a test of personal mettle, and an obsession. Survival is everything.


others TBD